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The iFISH logo: A Fish Giving Story

  • Freddie Gary Jr.
  • |
  • 17 August, 2020

The iFISH motto is “Give them a fish, teach them to fish, so they become a fisher of people.” To give someone a fish means to provide inspiration through charitable giving. At iFISH we strive to provide stories of giving and kindness that inspire others. Our first “Fish Giving” story goes to TCi Design + Branding, a business design firm located in Ballard, a neighborhood in the northwestern area of Seattle, Washington.

While in the process of finalizing the design of the iFISH logo, we ended up parting ways with our first designer and struggled trying to figure out how to complete the logo.  As we desperately tried to find and decide on a new designer to finish our logo, recent current events began to worsen and the process became even more difficult.  Because of interactions due to another transaction with TCi Design + Branding, we were informed that this local firm was offering up to ten Ballard businesses design and branding support at no cost.

Why would anyone offer free services during a time when many businesses are struggling?  “During this challenging time, we would like to take this opportunity to, “Pay it Forward” and help other small businesses who are struggling by offering complimentary design work,” said TCi Design + Branding Owner Melissa Clauson.  This offer specifically targeted nonprofits and Black, people of color, women and LGBTQ owned businesses with small scale project needs.

Thanks to Melissa Clauson, our logo was finished free of cost.  This expression of generosity and kindness cannot go unnoticed, especially in a time when our country needs stories about community superheroes.  Please be sure to check out TCi Design + Branding at  Make sure you support local small businesses near you!




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Freddie Gary Jr.

Freddie Gary Jr., is the Co-Founder, Executive Director and Board Secretary of iFISH. He earned his Bachelor of Arts in History with a minor in Theology from Stillman College and a Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Organizational Leadership from Ashford University.

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