Our Mission

iFISH is dedicated to serving humanity through service projects and programs designed to combat societal and global matters.

The mission of iFISH is built upon addressing issues and problems affecting our society locally, nationally and globally. The emphasis placed on being “faithfully inspired” is a faith or belief that service, charitable giving, and outreach are fulfilling the purpose of our creator and what a “ministry” is supposed to be at its core foundation. As society continues to change, the same is true for our communities and public policies and as a result so does the meaning of faith and service.

The iFISH logo uses a lowercase “i” as a sign of humility while embracing a concept of individualism that focuses on accountability, love, faith, inspiration and service as participants in the human experience and its journey. We believe that the individual parts must come together and work as a whole mechanism for positive change. Thus, to lead is to serve others and each individual must do their part with faith and inspired effort as the catalyst for positive change in our evolving global society.

Our Work