Our Work

Give them a fish

Inspire an individual

At iFISH, we believe that through faithful and inspired service, we can alter our world for the better of humanity, by working together in a positive environment built on a foundation of honesty, integrity and purpose focused on positive outcomes. This belief is exemplified in the iFISH motto “Give them a fish (a moment of inspiration), Teach them to fish (inform someone), so they Become a fisher of people (invest in human capital).”

At iFISH, the lower case “i” also represents “inspire.” “Give them a fish” correlates with our mission to alter our world for the better of humanity by inspiring individuals to take action in making our communities better locally, nationally and globally.

iFISH uses social media to inspire a dialogue that uses dialectical thinking when examining societal problems, issues and current events in our “Catch of the Day” blog. iFISH “iFISH Giving” stories highlight the successes of our programs, outreach initiatives, and most importantly the charitable giving that inspires others to join us on our mission. Overall, the objective of iFISH is to promote empathy through articles and stories that compel individuals into taking action to make the world better for everyone.

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