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"Give them a fish, teach them to fish, so they can become fishers of people"

Our Mission

iFISH is dedicated to serving humanity through service projects and programs designed to combat societal and global matters.

Our Work

Facts and Figures

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1.5 Billion

In 2018, school cafeterias served lunches with nearly three-quarters of the lunches free or at a reduced price.

$1.6 Trillion

National student loan debt for college graduates.

$26.3 Trillion

The United States national debt.

If one suffers, we all suffer.

At iFISH, we celebrate diversity, cultivate an inclusive work environment and prioritize a healthy work/life balance. We know the importance of amplifying the voices of marginalized and under-represented populations. By fostering a community of belonging, we ensure employees feel valued, recognized and respected. We are morally obligated to change the way power operates, recognize and reduce bias and implement equitable practices. Through inspiration, information and investing, we alter our world for the better of humanity.

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